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We appreciate the opportunity of sharing the ministry of ETD with you today. Gospel literature continues to have a huge impact in drawing men and women, boys and girls to faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelical Tract Distributors has been supplying gospel tracts free of charge to people around the world since 1935. However, due to the heavy expenses involved in getting the tracts to their destination, we are asking that you help us by paying for the shipping and handling costs incurred when placing your order. Your assistance in this way will be much appreciated.


"When I think of the majority of those who request tracts who cannot afford them, I have to "imagine" what it must be like to live in a place where there may be no bibles, or a very limited supply. I have to "imagine" what it must be like to live under constant military or government oppression. I have to "imagine" what it must be like to be in a region where civil war is present and each day is about survival. I have to "imagine" what it must be like to be persecuted for my faith and live as a martyr. I have to "imagine" what it must be like to live under religious restrictions and the penalty of being caught preaching or reading from the Word of God. I have to "imagine" how those in prison who have been set free spiritually want to share their good news with other inmates. I have to "imagine" how missionaries who gave up the luxuries of this country are now living in jungles or villages with little to no resources. I have to "imagine" the poverty stricken countries where hunger is real, who also hunger for something of lasting value."

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For over 75 years, we have been distributing gospel tracts worldwide. As many as 1 million pieces of literature are sent out each month.
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