6 Bible Facts You Didn’t Know About

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The Bible is a very well known book sold all around the world. Fascinating history and ancient culture are some of the topics visible and understandable in the Holy book of Christians. But die to all this, there are a few points and factors which you probably didn’t know about. Hence, let this article clear the gap.

1. The Best Selling Book

Yes, that’s right. Bible has made its way to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the best selling book of all time. People are aware of this Holy Book, and individuals belonging to all religions are interested in buying and reading it, hence making it a record.

2. The Shoplifters

The popularity of this Holy book has also shown signs of people shoplifting it at various stores. Places which sell the Bible have claimed that they have encountered numerous instances where they have witnessed people stealing the book of God. One of the main reasons attributed to this action is that people believe that it should be made free or less expensive.

3. Carpentry

Many people believe that Jesus was a carpenter and that they gained this by reading the Holy Bible. Well, in reality, the Greek term used to describe the profession of Jesus was ‘Tekton’ which stood for something closer to the general term of craftsman. Hence it cannot be widely proved that his specific job was carpentry.

4. The First Print


The first copy of the books in the Bible was written in scrolls which were its very first representation, and the first print appeared in Germany thanks to the efforts of a man named Johannes Gutenberg during the 1450s. This lead to the Gutenberg revolution through which most of their books are considered as the most valuable and sought after books in the entire world.

5. Everyone

The popularity of this Holy book is not something which you can put a tag on, as the book has been translated into more than 530 languages and specific languages have a portion of this book and efforts are being taken to release it entirely. No wonder people still purchase this book using all platforms, including e-commerce.

6. The Martyr

During this present day and time, we are capable of reading and ordering the Bible in our preferred language. But there is a man whom we all should be thankful for this achievement. Back when the Bible was not widely available, it was being used by priests for interpretation and only they could gain access to it. A man named William Tyndale felt this was not right and made efforts to bring it into English. He was successful in this regard but faced death as a sign of his actions.


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