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We appreciate the opportunity of coming into your home or workplace to introduce you to this ministry. The Lord is doing some wonderful things through the use of Gospel Literature and we want to share them with you.

As you visit with us online, we trust that you will come to share our concern for the need to evangelize through tract literature, and how great is the need to persevere in this task.

You can visit the new Online Pledge Center by clicking here.

There are many areas of the ministry where we are asking for your assistance to improve our service. Please consider these requests as you encounter them and offer your assistance when you can. Your support has sustained this ministry for more than seventy years and we trust the Lord for many more.

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While you are here please accept a subscription to our monthly newsletter “The Evangelist” as a complimentary gift. Each issue contains insight, opinions and reflection for Christians preparing themselves to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in these exciting days.

Within our website,we have also introduced a number of different ways for you to find the inspiration and the answers you need to begin and carry on a tract ministry within your community.

Let us work together to share in the work that the Lord has laid before us, and take assurance that our efforts will be rewarded by our Gracious Father in Heaven.