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We appreciate the opportunity of sharing the ministry of ETD with you today. Gospel literature continues to have a huge impact in drawing men and women, boys and girls to faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelical Tract Distributors has been supplying gospel tracts free of charge to people around the world since 1935. However, due to the heavy expenses involved in getting the tracts to their destination, we are asking that you help us by paying for the shipping and handling costs incurred when placing your order. Your assistance in this way will be much appreciated.


1935 – 2015

When Orban Stout started printing and distributing gospel tracts in 1935, I wonder if he realized how much God was going to bless his endeavors. All he was convinced of was that he felt the calling of the Lord to start a missionary work to help missionaries and lay people alike to use gospel literature to promote the Good News of salvation to as many people as he possibly could. 

God honoured that vision to the fullest and continues to do so today. Millions upon millions of gospel tracts have been printed over the years and have been sent all over the world in many languages. These tracts have always been made available free to anyone and everyone. The biggest miracle is that God always met the needs for us here, and continues to do that today as well.

We have seen Him perform many miracles in answer to the prayers of His people and to Him we give all praise and glory. You have partnered with us and prayed with us and we are so thankful for that.

Until that day when He calls us Home to be with Him, it is our prayer that we will be faithful to His call upon our lives. Thank you for laboring with us for the salvation of precious souls.

For over 80 years, we have been distributing gospel tracts worldwide. As many as 1 million pieces of literature are sent out each month.

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