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He Ever Liveth

He Ever Liveth


Suppose that the silence of the tomb in which Jesus Christ, the crucified Saviour was laid had never to this hour been broken! No angelic message; no meeting with the risen Christ; no pentecost; no evidence that his death was more availing for sin than that of any other man! Suppose!

Suppose that men could make pilgrimages to some sacred tomb and look upon the mummified form in which so great a spirit had lived! What tears of despair we might shed to think that this purest, noblest and mightiest of all souls had come to an end more terrible than any mortal ever experienced.

Deeper than the darkness which settled over the crucifixion scene would be the spiritual darkness of men, had the claim of Jesus to be the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world, been met with utter silence from heaven.

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