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We Need Revival

We Need Revival


In too many hearts the love of God has grown cold because the love of the world has taken possession.

Too many church members are unwilling to allow their religion to interfere with their business affairs or their pleasures.

Too many Christians are more interested in getting hold of the dollar than in winning people to Christ.

Too many take more delight in the pleasures of the world than in doing the will of God.

In the hearts of too many people Heaven has lost its charm and Hell its awful reality, because the lure of the world has drawn their minds away from the world to come, and also because Heaven and Hell are not preached about as they ought to be.

Of how many Christians is it true that they take greater delight in the joy of the Lord than in the pleasures of this world? How many spend more time reading the Bible than in reading any other book or magazine? How many take a keener interest in things eternal than in the things of this present time? How many set their affections on things above, rather than on things on the earth?

Yes, we need a revival. Souls are dying. The forces of evil are extremely active. The lure of this world is very great and most appealing to multitudes who call themselves Christians and profess to love the Lord Jesus supremely. And not only in heathen lands, but here in America and Canada, multitudes are going to Christless graves without having been warned to flee from the wrath to come. Even loved ones are drifting away from God. Only the power of God and the prayers and labors of God’s people can stop the drift and rescue the perishing! Your help is needed. Can the Lord depend on you?

Every Member Being

Converted to God.

Upon the altar of service.

Regular in church attendance.

Faithful in daily, fervent prayer.

At peace with every other member.

Dead to the world and alive unto God.

Every Home Having

A family altar and Bible study habit.

A devotion to study.

A love for pure associations and church literature.

A spirit of Christian hospitality.

A loyal attitude toward the church.

A constant training of the children for God.


Every Heart Desiring


To live a pure, holy, sinless life.


To help the needy and befriend the friendless.


To keep “unspotted from the world,” 


happy in the Lord.


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