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What it Means to Trust

What it Means to Trust


Balancing his long pole lightly, he steps upon the rope and starts across, while the voices of the throngs are hushed, until, as he triumphantly places his foot on the farther bank, a great cheer rises even above the noise of the cataract itself.

Turning to the sea of faces, he now makes a thrilling proposal. He offers to recross the cataract with a man on his back.

But who is to be the man? Excitedly the people talk among themselves.

“Do you believe I am able to carry you across?” at length asks the ropewalker, turning to a likely looking individual.

“I certainly do,” responds the one addressed.

“Will you let me?” inquires the waiting hero.

“Will I let you? Well, hardly. You don’t think I am going to risk my life like that, do you?” and he turns away.

“And what about you?” he asks, as another presents himself.

“I believe. In fact, I have no doubt about it at all.”

“Will you trust me?”

“I will!”

Breathlessly the people watch. The pole is balanced; they start; and the great rope tightens beneath their weight. Step by step, slow but sure, without hesitation, they move along. What confidence! The center is reached. They are above the rushing, boiling, foam-covered water, the ugly rocks beneath, poised, as it were, in midair.

Now they are nearing the other side. A great hush has fallen on the excited crowd. The people hold their breath. The strain is terrific. At last they are over; the final step is taken, and they stand once more on terra firma, while the spectators go wild with excitement. The tension is broken, the nerve-racking experience is ended.

Bridging the gulf between time and eternity is the great rope of salvation. Never yet has it broken. And Jesus Christ alone is able to cross it. You may have heard all about it, and, like the first man, you may even believe that Jesus can carry you across. But not until you take the final step and commit yourself to Him will you ever get over. You may believe, but you must also trust.

You are standing on the edge of a great chasm, narrow and deep, spanned by a single plank. Far away in the distance, tearing along at top speed, come a band of outlaws. Unless you cross that plank and reach the other side you are lost.

For some time you hesitate, afraid to take the awful risk, while you examine the plank and think of the fearful precipice below. And while you wait others come running from all directions, and some quickly, some slowly, they cross to the other side.

On come the outlaws. You must cross or die! It is a case of “Escape for thy life!”

“What, oh, what shall I do?” you exclaim. “Will the plank hold? True, it holds others. I see scores crossing while I fear and hesitate. Yes, I believe it will hold all right. I believe it will hold me.”

Now you have come to the place where you actually “believe” the plank will bear your weight. But are you safe? Are you across? By no means. There must be one more step, there must be “trust,” and trust implies action.

At last you grow desperate. You are determined to put it to the test, to act on your intellectual faith. You step on the plank, and in another moment you are over. It has held your weight, and you are safe from your would-be murderers.

My friend, God’s great plank of salvation still spans the gulf between earth and Heaven. Millions have already crossed and never yet has it broken. It will hold you, too, if you will but trust.

Oh, yes, you may fully believe that Jesus can save you, but not until you act on that faith and definitely receive Him will you be saved. Will you trust Him? Do it and do it – NOW!

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